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Running alternatives at the gym

Running alternatives at the gym

To do your work in daily life in an effective and productive manner, you need to keep your body fit. To help your body to stay active and ready, it is necessary to do exercise or maintain a workout regime. The best and easiest exercise that does maximum impact to your body is running. You may have seen morning and evening joggers in the park but some do not get time to jog due to his strict office schedule. For those people, there are many alternatives available in the gym that gives you the same results as doing outdoor running and jogging.

Some of the best substitutes for running that is possible in the gym are:


Popularly known as the running machine, the treadmill has incorporated the most natural and scientific approach to running. Due to its effectiveness to help loose weight, it is an inseparable part of any gymnasium. Portable treadmills are also used at domestic level for use by the entire family. An hour in treadmill is equal to 6 to 7 hours of running in the field.

Elliptical machine

This machine is also called the cross trainer. There are various types of trainers available in different sizes. Due to its similarity with a bicycle, it is also called the bicycle workout. This machine helps to simulate hiking, jogging and are also ideal for light cardiovascular workouts. Similar to treadmill, these cross-trainers are also available for your home workout.

Cardio workout

Running helps in an overall workout but helps to stimulate your cardiovascular muscles and create a healthy blow flow through the body. There are many cardio workout that can be practiced like aerobics, stairmaster, cruches, pull-ups, sit-ups, jumping rope, bike and many more. Doing your regular working regime will also help you keep fit and is equally effective as any cardio workout.

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