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4 Things to Do Before Running

running warm upIf you are a daily runner, the vulnerability of the body to injury is a lot more. An injury can set you back by many months, forcing you to start from zero again. Starting from scratch on a running schedule again, getting the body to fire all its cylinders is no easy task. Hence it is a better and wise alternative to warm up and stretch your body before every run. We have more advice to dole out about this aspect:

1. Start with a walk, take your steps briskly, but always with concentration.This prepares your body for the more intense running workout. If possible, spend an entire session on a long walk, end it with a short jog and then return the next day for a run. Another advantage of walking is the regulation of blood flow through out the body.

2. Shake and jump up and down, sideways; bend forward to touch your toes, loosen up your feet and arms. Slowly turn your head in a circle, clockwise and anti-clockwise. Place your fingers on your shoulders and rotate the arms and shoulders together.

3. A skipping ripe is always handy, start with 25 to 50 rounds with one at a go. Follow it up with a little act of running backwards, for the fun of it. Do a side step and back routine for a couple of minutes.

4. Stand at a place and lift your legs up and down, imitating the act of jogging while standing at a single place.

There are several other exercises that help you loosen up before a run, we shall be talking about them in subsequent articles. Tell then, happy running!

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