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5 Tips To Keep Running This Winter

RunningWinter is the best time for re-energizing and getting the body back to its best. It is also the most challenging time for fitness freaks. Many battle lethargy and lack of motivation to push themselves to hit the track or the treadmill. You may very well upset your carefully built up routine by allowing fitness take the back seat. Here is a bunch of tips to keep you motivated. Don’t let your enthusiasm drop, even as the temperatures drop around you.

1. Set yourself a challenge to be completed over a fortnight or more. For instance, set yourself to run at least 3 miles a day for the next 15 days. Clock yourself on the stop watch daily and see that you improve your time by the end of the exercise.

2. Buy yourself a brand new pair of running shoes, something that is more comfortable that the ones you wear now. Ensure that the new pair fits like a glove and will prevent any injuries due to bad design, misfitting shoes, etc.

3. Get yourself a nice running track suit, attractive, loose-fitting and suitable. This could act as the little push you needed to continue your running regime, unabated.

4. Temporarily, just for the fun of it, find a running group, make friends and build up your social life in the process. You running colleagues could just be the encouragement you needed to keep going.

5. Opt for an hour’s class of zumba or aerobics and dance, just as an alternate fun exercise, so that you have the tempo going.

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