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Yoga tips to change your life

Yoga tips to change your life

Yoga is a phenomenon that has changed the life of billions. It is regarded as the most natural way to keep your body fit and keep all the modern health hazards in check in an age when you work in high stress levels at your workplace. Practicing yoga not only helps to keep your health but also helps maintain a mind-body connection. It enhances your personality and increases the qualities of perseverance and courage.

Some yoga poses that can bring a serious change in your body are:


You need to jump freely up and down. Do not keep any tension in your body muscles and keep doing this for at least 5 minutes. You can practice this pose with any music or beat that suits you. It helps to strengthen your internal muscular and bone structure. It also helps to free your mind from any thoughts and given mental stability.

Forward Fold

This is an easy pose but is very vital for your body as it helps to shed unnecessary fat from your body. Take your right foot forward and keep your arms to the ground and open your chest and breathe while bending over your bend knee. try to keep your hips straight and follow the same with the other leg and breathe for 5 times in every turn.

Kundalini Breathing Exercise

Stand with your leg wide open and simply twist your body from one side to the other. Relax all your joints and move your arms in a floppy manner. You should breathe deeply and follow these steps for 20 times. It helps to stimulate your nervous system and helps to enhance your immunity level.

Seated Spinal Twist

This asana or pose can enhance your body metabolism and give you immense internal energy. It also helps people who are suffering from headaches and are highly useful for those suffering thyroid glands. You need to sweep your left leg around your torso holding it by your right arm and your right leg crossed over your left leg and your left arm supporting your twist.

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