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Vital warm up techniques that you must follow

Once we get revved up to run it is tempting to shoot out the door at top speed. But heading out of the gates at full speed, without a proper warmup is a recipe for disaster, and injury. If you start running with out any preparation, then there are high chances of grave forms of injury to the body.

These are some of the ways to get yourself ready before starting to run.

Stay healthy
The basic preparation for running long distances id to have a healthy body so that it can withstand the physical pressure in a better way. It is not too easy on the warm-up jog and to get hard on the strides; without being too critical semantically and the entire warm-up strategy before running is a failure and inappropriate.

Do stretching
First stretch your body like doing static stretching, where you hold a muscle in an elongated, fixed position for 30 seconds or more, is now discouraged prerun, as it’s been linked to injury. But dynamic stretching, which uses controlled leg movements to improve range of motion, loosens up muscles and increases heart rate, body temperature, and blood flow to help you run more efficiently.

Start walking
Always start slowly and walk gently for three to five minutes. Lots of people write off walking. But it’s actually the ideal low-intensity activity to ease your body out of sitting mode and into workout mode. The motion of walking takes the muscles, tendons, and joints through a range of motion that’s similar to what it will go through in running.

Taking strides
Accelerate your pace by doing five to six 100-meter strides. These kinds of strides helps to flood the muscles with blood, recruit your fast-twitch muscle fibers, and help your body transition from walking to running mode. This slowly prepares the body for the long bursts of energy and gives the required strength.

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