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Vital health hazards on using smartphones

Smartphones have become a very common gadget these days. Hundreds of new models roll out every year and each one has some or the other new feature to offer. It is widely observed that using mobile has not become just a necessity but an addiction these days. Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS are the leading operating systems that have penetrated deeply in the mobile market worldwide and are offering free interesting apps every rising day.

But the habit of relying too much on cellphones is very much likely to impact health badly. Researchers have found that over-using the gadget can damage health directly or indirectly. What are the prime health risks you may be exposed to while using the phone? Read on to know more…

5 reasons why smartphones can impact your health badly

1. May lead to cancer

The mobile network or internet connectivity of your handset exchanges data mainly through rays transmitted by nearest mobile towers. Such rays are dangerous to health and can also expose you to threats of cancer.

2. Can cause hearing problems

Talking too much on your cellphone or listening too much of music can cause a very bad impact on your ears. At times, it may even lead to partial deafness or complete deafness. The main reason is sound travels in the form of waves and such waves can lead to hearing problems over time.

3. May lead to eyesight issues

Staring too much at the handset screen while watching movies, surfing internet, chatting, messaging etc. can lead to temporary or permanent problems of eyesight. It is vital to relax your eyes at regular intervals and apply standard quality eye-drops if you feel too much irritation in eyes.

4. Can impact mental health

The main disadvantage of using a smartphone is it makes you available round the clock. Hence, you may be deprived of the much needed physical and mental relaxation at regular intervals. If such hectic schedule continues for too long, it can severely impact your mental health.

5. Makes you feel stressed

Making yourself available round the clock especially for professional reasons can make you feel tensed and stressed over time as you may not be able to make the most out of your personal life.


Do remember these health hazards while using your smartphone and avoid getting too much dependent on it.

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