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Top fitness tips for middle-age people

Staying fit and exercising daily is necessary at every age and not only in your teens. The more amount of healthy activity that you perform and help yourself to stay active, the better for your overall body health and fitness level. Though keeping yourself ready and motivated is hard at middle age but it is very necessary to keep yourself fit.

These are the top ways to maintain fitness at your middle-age.

Start slow

Ask the gym instructor to make a little program for you so you do not push yourself too hard. Make the first appointment at a time that is not very busy. At every six weeks, ask them to review the program and give you a new one. This will keep up your interest and confidence using the free-weights and weight machines.

Stay committed

Make a commitment of doing exercise and stick to it. as your body and you are worthy of the dedication and deserve the time for you. Weights in the gym for around three to four days a week and on the other days enjoy cardio in the different forms of walking machine, cross trainer or a brisk walk around the neighborhood.

Eat healthy

Remember to eat lots of protein and reduce the amount of refined carbs and grains. This will give you more energy and you will feel less tired. Meat or fish and salad or green vegetables is a great energy source to support muscle development. You need to plan out a diet which includes all essential elements for your body to stay healthy and fit.

Do enjoy

When you have been going for about four weeks, you will really start to enjoy the growing strength and flow in your body. But the knowledge of building a strong body to take yourself into my fifties and sixties is the best health insurance that you can ever think for yourself at this present age.

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