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Top fitness apps that elder people must try

There is not much you can do for your body that is better than getting in shape, staying in shape, and working out. It lowers all of the bad things like cholesterol, blood pressure and heightens all of the good things including muscles, stamina and more.Owning an Android device won’t do these things for you but there are plenty of apps that can help you along the way. Fitness has slowly become an integral part of our lives and people are more aware of the hazards of health and working out is essential to rejuvenate the body.

Given are the top examples of fitness applications that is available:


Progression is a recommendation from our readers and it turns out to be a solid fitness application. The app contains built-in exercise regimens for you to follow or you can make your own. This is helpful for people with exercise restrictions or want to work on a specific thing. The app relies on a time trial style method of motivation where you strive to beat what you did the last time you worked out over and over again.


Endomondo focuses on the community aspects of staying motivated to reach your fitness activity goals. The app uses GPS features on your phones to track running, cycling, jogging, skating—any sport that you can measure by distance. You then share your progress with friends by connecting Endomonodo to other online social accounts, such as Facebook, so that not only do you keep an eye on your progress, but your friends do, too.

Gain Fitness

Gain Fitness is a workout coaching app and website that lets you set and schedule routines for exercising at the gym, at home, or on the go. You can set your workouts to use equipment, like weights and stretching bands, or not. Gain Fitness plays video and audio as you work out, counting you through reps as you go. A fairly balanced set of exercises is included with this free application.


Without a tracker, you can use the Fitbit app to count calories, log your weight, and record other health information, such as your blood pressure and glucose levels. If you do own a Fitbit, however, you can also upload the data it collects to the mobile app via Bluetooth. you can also use the Fitbit system to use the  Fitbit Charge HR for the most perfect results.

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