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Top exercise tools for perfect workout

To get fit, you always need to keep some handy exercise tools. Getting fit can be hard for a lot of reasons. Not least among those is that it is often expensive. Buying a gym membership, paying for a trainer, or even getting the running shoes that would not hurt your feet can easily be beyond your means, especially if you are trying to save up for something or pay off debt.

Yoga Mat

When most people think about a yoga mat, they do not really think much beyond yoga. While yoga is a wonderful full-body exercise, you can use your yoga mat for so much more. It lessens the impact anytime your feet hit the ground, so try using it for jogging in place, doing jumping jacks, mountain climbers, and more. Get your cardio on and then stretch it out, all from the comfort of your yoga mat.

Balance Ball

Those big, inflatable balls are not just good for your kids to bounce on, or as office chair substitutes. You can pick them up, squat with them, squeeze them in about a zillion different ways, and more. In the end, you will definitely get a strength workout in, and you will break a sweat, too. If you need more cardio, incorporate some jumping with or over the ball into your routine.

Resistance Bands

If a set of dumbbells are beyond your means right now, consider investing in some resistance bands instead. You can either get the type that a physical therapist will give you, or some that come with handles, or you can get the kind that are more like giant rubber bands. Either way, pulling them apart in different ways will work your entire body. You can also hang them from doors, and loop them around chairs in order to get the desired resistance and effect.

Bulgarian Bag

A Bulgarian bag is a training tool that many have not heard of, and that is a shame. At its most basic, it is a narrow, heavy bag with some sort of strap. You can sling it around and even practice some olympic lifting motions with it, or you can attach it to you for added weight while you do cardio.

Aerobic Step

The aerobics classes are very popular and the steps are useful. You can use them for aerobics, but you can also stack them to make a plyometric platform. If you are really in a bind, you can also use it as a low flat bench for lifting weights.

Flat Bench

And then there is the flat bench. If you’re going to be doing more aerobics, the step is probably your best bet. But if you want something to lie on while you lift that Bulgarian bag over your head, the flat bench is probably better. You can still use it for plyometric purposes, and even for aerobics, if you really want to.

Your Body

Bodyweight-only exercise has become a thing, and it is a legitimate one. No matter your current fitness level, there are ways you can exercise using only your body that will help you get stronger, get in your cardio, and even lose weight. Sure, there are the exercises everyone remembers from gym class stuff like pushups and situps but body weight fitness experts have gone far beyond that now. So even if you cannot spend a cent on equipment, there is no reason you cannot get your workout on.

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