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Top 5 Fruits You Should Eat for a Healthy and Active Life

Fruits You Should Eat for a Healthy and Active LifeFresh fruits form a vital element of your diet and help you to fight several diseases and disorders with much ease. Majority of the doctors worldwide recommend inclusion of at least one fruit in your daily diet to satisfy your body requirements of various nutrients and vitamins. So which fruits you should eat for a healthy and active life and which ones are actually rich in nutrient content?

Here are the top 5 fruits you should eat for a healthy and active life

1. Apple

It is the most recommended fruit by doctors worldwide. One medium-sized apple contains around 4 gram of soluble fiber and its vitamin C content helps you to stay away from serious disorders like strokes, colon cancer, and heart attack. The fruit also contains quercetin which protects you from asthma and allergies. Apple also helps to keep your blood sugar levels under control.

2. Grape

The fruit is very popular as a post-workout snack as it has a high glycemic index. Grape is also rich in several vitamins like A, C, folate, and B6 and is also a strong source of different minerals required by our body. It contains an antioxidant called resveratrol which prevents blood clots and heart disorders. Resveratrol also acts as a deterrent in the spread of cancerous cells in breast, stomach, and colon.

3. Cherry

It is the best fruit you can consume to fight inflammation. Cherry contains very high levels of anthocyanin 1 and 2 which helping in the blocking of enzymes responsible for inflammation. Consuming tart cherries can effectively help you to tackle pains and aches.

4. Pomegranate

It is popularly known as natural Viagra due to its effectiveness in tackling erectile dysfunctions. It is rich in antioxidants and can help reverse the oxidative damage that may have caused to your body. This is how it retains your erection ability. It also contains an antioxidant known as tannin which protects your heart and also maintains normal levels of blood pressure.

5. Blackberry

It is rich in vitamin K and phytonutrients. Blackberry is also known to lower the risks of prostate cancer and its richness in manganese helps in optimum production of testosterone. The fruit is also rich in an antioxidant called lutein which is extremely good for your eye health. Another antioxidant called anthocyanin reduces your risks of stroke and cancer, especially the lung cancer.


Eating fruits daily is a ready-reckoner to fight almost all types of disorders without any need to go for heavy medications. You can consult your dietician to know more about which fruits suit your health the best.


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