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Top 4 Skin Care Myths You Should Not Miss

Skin Care MythsSkin care has become one of the vital necessities of our daily lives. Hectic lifestyle and unending job responsibilities affect your complexion in a variety of ways. This generates a temptation to try out different homemade remedies to ensure that the complexion remains flawless and shiny. But at times, we tend to neglect small facts in a hurry to attain big results. This knowingly or unknowingly gives space for myths to surface on our mind. And we hardly make any conscious efforts to know the reality behind them. What are these myths? Read on…

Top 4 skin care myths you should not miss

1. Products that tingle your complexion are good

Many remain under the wrong faith that if a beauty product causes a tingling effect, it is doing well to your complexion. But this is never the case. It just shows that the product is causing irritation to your complexion. You may look fair and clear for the time being but things will change overtime if too much of such product is used.

2. Age spots are related to age factor only

Though it is a fact that a person in his twenties is less likely to suffer from age spots as compared to a person in his fifties, the phenomenon is not directly related to age. It is more related to your exposure to UV (Ultra Violet) rays. More the exposure, higher the chances of spots.

3. Blackheads form due to unclean skin

Another important myth commonly believed as a fact. Blackheads are actually developed when there is too much of sebum production in your complexion. Dead cells on your complexion create obstacles in smooth passage of sebum through the skin pores. This leads to a clog. The clog turns into a blackhead after it oxides at your complexion’s surface.

4. Greasy foods lead to acne

This is another commonly believed myth these days, may be due to the increasing trend of consuming fast food. There is no concrete evidence that consuming them can directly lead to acne in your complexion. Instead, studies say that citrus products and dairy-made food items carry higher probability of causing acne.


So the next time you give attention to your skin, keep these myths in mind. Why waste time in believing something that is not true?


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