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The ultimate diet chart for you

The ultimate diet chart for you

This is the ultimate diet chart to make your body in shape. This is a unisex chart and is valid for both men and women. This chart should be followed strictly and must be continued daily. Any irregularity will hamper the health and will not affect in your body. This chart has all the necessary food elements and it needed proportions. Over intake of food can destroy the body balance and is highly harmful.

Given is the ultimate diet chart  for both men and women:


You should start your day with a hot cup of  milk. Oats is the ultimate breakfast meal along with a fruit plate that consists of the grapefruit, strawberry. A peanut butter, toasted bread with whole wheat, two hard-boiled eggs and orange pulp to get ready for your work. this food should be taken after a heavy workout in the morning.


The lunch should be heavy and have all the necessary food elements for the day. The amount of intake of each food is equally important. Get a roasted-beef sandwich or with tuna-fish. Add a slice of cheese with squirt mustard, mayonnaise and sprouts. Some tomato slices along with cucumber slices along with some carrot sticks.


The best part of taking snacks is that it should be light but equally healthy at the same time. Most people commit this mistake of skipping snacks or eating junk fast foods in the time between the meals. It is necessary to regularize the fluid flow in the body and a cup of chilled or normal sherbert will be perfect for the occasion.


It is vital to have a light dinner for all. it is an unhealthy trend to eat heavy food before sleep as it adds to your stress along with accumulating fats in your body. the best dinner that you should take consists of a cup of milk, onion soup, a chicken breast with slices of leafy vegetables or a bowl of pasta with fresh fruits.

Foods that harm

This is an additional tip as the list of the most harmful foods are given for you. Keep yourself away from them or the irresistible temptation will destroy your body along with increasing your health risks. They are alcohol, chocolate, coffee and fatty foods.

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