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Most effective cardio tips to follow

Cardio has become a very common exercise especially among those who are very much conscious about their weight. The first thing many of us check while joining a gym is whether they have a cardio. It has become a very common thinking that the exercise pattern is highly beneficial in losing weight fast. Hence, most of the beginners get easily attracted to it.

But there are certain rules you must follow while doing the cardio. As the name suggests, the exercise is directly related to your heart. Hence, any wrong doing can directly impact your cardiovascular health. What are the precautions you must take to make the best out of the efforts and time you put in for the activity? Read on…

5 essential cardio tips for beginners

1. Start with small sets

Never try to imitate your colleagues at the gym. Each one may have different health status and different level of stamina. Hence, give top priority to your comfort while doing the activity. To judge your stamina, it is better to start with small sets and gradually increase the work-out time as your stamina develops. Never stretch yourself to such a condition wherein you feel extremely exhausted. This can impact the functioning of your heart.

2. Do it with intensity

It does not matter whether you do it for 15 minutes or an hour. What matters the most is whether you do it with intensity. Avoid doing your cardio in a very casual way like talking on phone, chit-chatting with your family or other people, taking too much breaks during the workout and so on. When you are on the treadmill or cycle, pay your complete attention only on the task at hand.

3. Don’t take it as the only way to lose weight

It is a very common myth that doing cardio is more than sufficient to lose weight fast. But it is not wise to rely on only one form of workout to lose those extra kilos. Do it only for a specific time and days of a week. At the same time, also focus on other basic workout activities to keep a balanced physique.

4. Prefer doing it at gym

If you are a beginner, you need some expert guidance on how to go about the exercise. Thus, it is better to enroll in a gym and learn the exercise properly before starting to do it at home, if at all you want to do it at home.

5. Consult your physician

If you are a heart or blood pressure patient, you must consult your doctor before starting with the activity.


Starting cardio with great enthusiasm is great but you must give enough time to your body to get adapted to the exercise. Be patient as things won’t turn out very fast.

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