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Important techniques to look slimmer

Not very happy with your previous snaps you clicked while on picnic or with your friends? Do you look fatter and older than others? Then, you are in the right place. A few changes in the way you present yourself before the camera can work wonders for you. How you stand, how you look, what your dress, and how you smile matters a lot in making your photo unique and beautiful.

Here are the top 5 secrets you should know to look slimmer and beautiful in every photo that includes you.

1. Stand a bit tilted

How you stand before a camera matters a lot in displaying the size of your body. You will always look fat if you stand directly in front of the lens. Instead, tilt your body a bit and prefer standing on the sideways. The best way to do it is to place your palm on hips and take your chest backward. This will make you appear as a leaner frame and hide those extra fats in you.

2. Keep arms away from your body

This is meant especially for those with fat arms. While getting clicked, never press your arms inwards on your body. Instead, keep them as much away as possible. Keeping them close will make them look bulky and fat thus, spoiling your picture.

3. Wear suitable outfit

Loose outfits make you look fat while too tight ones highlight the extra fats in your tummy and other areas. How to make a way out? If you are wearing loose clothes, then press the loose areas gently inwards with your hands such that they do not get too much attention. If wearing tight ones breathe in or hold your breath for a few seconds while you get clicked.

4. Stand one step back during a group photo

While getting clicked in a group, stand one step back to others. To explain it simply, the ones standing closer to lens look fatter than they are while the ones standing away look slimmer than they are.  

5. Do not ‘Say Cheese’

Never talk or laugh excessively during a click. Saying cheese or laughing loudly will make your chin and face look fatter. Instead, have just a simple and natural smile.

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