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Exercises to get back to shape

Exercises to get back to shape

Women goes through many bodily transformation in their life and the biggest transformation occurs in the time of giving birth. These change occur in the body multiple times if the woman bear babies in their wombs more than one time. The biggest challenge that every woman faces after giving birth is getting back to shape in aspects of both mentally and physically. In this modern age, when much importance is given to diet and fitness to survive in this world of cut-throat competition and stress in daily life, exercise routine must be followed to get a healthy body.

The main exercises for mothers to get back to shape are:

To flatten stomach

The main task after getting your baby is to again flatten your tummy and release all the extra fat from the stomach area. to get the right results the exercises to be considered are kegels which strengthen your pelvic muscle also practice  Kneeling Pelvic Tilt in different positions and help to build up your tummy muscles after pregnancy.

Get strength in muscles

The immune system and bodily strength gets weakens for mothers after giving babies and they need to do floor bridges which gives power to your hamstring muscles and butt. it is highly recommended to mothers to do head and shoulder lifts to strengthen the muscles along with curl-ups to charge your leg muscles and loose extra fat in the area.

Boost your mood

Walking along with seldom jogging is must after pregnancy in outdoor to rejuvenate the mind and bring positive energies to your body. It is also necessary to do things that you love to counter the internal bodily change and mood swings which are very obvious during this period and you should seek emotional support from your loved ones.
Become fit again

After pregnancy, it is must for all mothers to become fit and get back to normal lifestyle with the new-born baby. The exercise regime that the mothers should follow during this period includes are curls for hamstring, back squats and you should also do deadlifts along with practicing walking lunges in combination with push-ups to gain bodily strength.

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