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Diet to lose weight 5 kilos

Diet to lose weight 5 kilosThe diet to lose weight 5 kilos will help now that summer is about to remove those extra pounds and your spare at the beach to show off.

Diet to lose weight 5 kilos. Summer comes

Diet to lose weight 5 kilos. Summer comes

The diet to lose weight 5 kilos

Summer and diet to lose weight 5 kilos will help us lose weight, any size and a few inches to excel on the beach approaches. After the success of our diet to lose 10 kilos, many of you have asked us up for a weight loss that is not as strict and tell us how to lose weight 5 kilos. Well here it is.

No guarantee you lose weight 5 kilos in a week, but accompanied by some exercise and good hydration you will achieve the goal in no time. And as always, we encourage you to put it into practice, then tell us the results. Mood that summer is near !

The diet plan to lose weight 5 kilos

The purpose of the diet to lose weight 5 kilos is to help you look gorgeous on the beach this summer or you can wear that dress you both like to take the party. You could follow the diet of 1000 calories to lose weight, you also give very good result, but we are going to propose a very specific diet that is easy to follow and you lose those kilos that spoil your figure.

If your goal is to lose 5 kilos in a week or in a short time you will have to perform exercises that offer as part of a diet to lose weight 5 kilos. If you hurry, you do not need to be done, but it is always advisable to supplement the diet with exercise to lose weight.

And if your problem is localized fat accumulation in the abdomen may interest you to know how to burn abdominal fat. But will we diet to lose weight 5 kilos.

Weekly diet plan to lose weight 5 kilos

For breakfast on diet 5 kilos ( half an hour before exercise ourselves )
2 pieces of fruit
1 glass of juice
30-50 grams of whole grains
Morning Exercise:
Race continuous 4-5 kms
Abdominal series between 30 and 50 up200-300
Series of stretches.
Hydrate with fruit juices, preferably natural.
To eat in the diet to lose weight 5 kilos :
First course: rice or pasta if desired in salad or cooked, accompanied by: (peas, carrots, raisins, surimi, mushroom or mushroom, tender green beans, broad beans, leeks, onions, garlic, or other sauteed vegetables )
Second course : meat or grilled fish without sauces or fatty oils.
Dessert: one or two pieces of fruit or nonfat yogurt or gelatin.
Pause. ( we will have a nap time if possible ) this helps to digest food but mostly stand for sport afternoon session.
Exercise evening :
Gentle heating in pool
10 to 15 pools (500 -. 750 mts ) you put your pace.
Dining in the diet to lose weight 5 kilos :
3 or 4 pieces of fruit (avoid the banana and other fruits with little liquid )
1 skimmed yogurt
Light soup without tripping
Accompany dinner warm teas that help digest food better.
The sixth and seventh day rest exercise and replace it with a long walk, so the rice and pasta are replaced by any other mild dish first because no energies are needed fast.
One option is to salad vegetables whenever you can not add ham or other fats.
between hours
Snacking on the diet to lose weight 5 kilos
For snacking on these diets we note that we are making have cardiovascular exercises, so nuts like these:
We help regulate cholesterol and blood, but always in moderation.
Also, avoid carbonated drinks, alcohol, sugars, fried or pickled in oil and nuts. As the practice of some form of physical exercise that helps achieve results with diet and tone the body muscles recommend.
In the case of retaining liquids, it is recommended to take a vegetable broth (no salt), with celery, parsley and onion.


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