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Best workout tips for kids

Lifting weights and doing exercises like push-ups and planks will help you get and stay slim and build muscle. Turns out the same holds true for kids. In a recent study, teens who completed a three-month training program lost fat and got up to 50% stronger. Young people who pump iron have greater bone density and are less likely to suffer from injuries. What is more, these exercises are easy to do at home with your kids. All you need is a stability ball and 5- to 10-pound dumbbells.

Given is the list of the best workout exercises for children to do.


Lie facedown resting on forearms. Push up onto toes, keeping the body as straight as possible. Draw the belly button toward the spine, squeeze your glutes and abs and hold for 30 seconds. Rest one minute, then do the move again and repeat once. As you get stronger, tack on more time in 15-second increments.

Chest Press

Sit on a stability ball with your legs slightly wider than hip-width apart. Slowly walk feet out until the ball supports shoulders and head; shoulders, hips and knees should be in a straight line. Hold a weight in each hand with arms bent to 90 degrees, and slowly lift your arms above your chest. Exhale and gradually raise them back to the starting position. Complete 8 to 15 more.

Chair Squats

Stand about 6 inches in front of a chair with feet shoulder-width apart and toes pointed forward. With weight on the heels, inhale and slowly lower the hips until the butt taps the chair. Exhale, straighten legs and come up to starting position. Do this 8 to 15 times. Once you can whip through 15 reps, hold dumbbells in your hands and rest them on your shoulders.

Lying Row

Lie stomach-down on the stability ball with legs straight, toes planted on the floor and arms hanging in front of the ball with a dumbbell in each hand. Raise elbows toward the ceiling until the weights align with the chest. Lower arms and repeat 8 to 15 times.

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