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Best ways to take care of nails

Most of the people, irrespective of our hectic schedules do ensure that they eat healthy and follow a strict fitness regime. But amidst this, many of us often tend to neglect a very important part of our body- our nails. Gorgeous looking nails would not just boost the inner confidence in you but also make you feel pampered.

Given is the list of the best tips for better nails.

Healthy diet

What you eat directly reflects on our nails. Our nails are composed of calcium and other minerals.  Also look out for discoloration of nails or developing ridges, because they are indication of vitamin deficiency. Deficiency of Vitamin B12 leads to dryness and darkening of nails. Drink lots of water as it will not just prevent wrinkles on your skin but also avoid your nails from getting brittle.

Keep hygiene

Clean nails are not just necessary to look good but also necessary to ensure your well being.  Our nails can carry lots of disease causing bacteria and germs. Winters, especially, make our nails more porous and susceptible to fungus.  Trim your nails regularly.  But do not file your nails immediately after bath because they tend to break. Avoid back and forth motion while filing your nails and make sure you stick to one direction.

Having moisturized

Apply moisturizer while watching TV, before going to bed and after washing your hands. Massaging hot oil once a week could give you smooth and soft fingers and nails. Vitamin E oil is very good for nails and so is castor oil. You could also use petroleum jelly to massage your beautiful nails. Massaging nail serum could also stimulate circulation and help your nails grow faster as during winters your nails tend to grow slow.

Evade chemicals

Use non acetone nail polish remover to prevent your nails from being fragile, better stick to acetate containing nail polish removers. Vibrant colors like crimson red, neon blue, deep pink, deep burnt rust, grey is the new black, electric green are the hot trends seen at runway currently. Apply vinegar on your nail to last the polish longer. Base coat is very essential as it prevents staining of the nail color on tour actual nails when you apply polish.

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