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Best healthy foods to eat for weight gain

Individuals who are recovering from eating disorders may also be interested in learning how to gain weight a healthy way. It is certainly true that drinking sugary sodas and eating french fries all day will make you gain weight, but your body may suffer the consequences of poor diet and lack of nutrition. Nutritionists recommend that the best way to gain healthy weight is by eating natural, whole foods and paying attention to caloric intake.

These are some of the best healthy foods needed to gain weight.


Potatoes are a great choice because they are high in protein, full of fiber, and contain a ton of vitamin C. Eat potatoes with the skin on for optimum nutrition. Once they are peeled, the protein is cut in half. Also, you can mix it up with mini reds and sweet potatoes that pack more flavor that white potatoes.


Cheese is one of the favorite foods for many people. And for good reason, you can add cheese into almost any dish. It has all the nutritional benefits of milk products, but most cheeses are high in fat, making it a good product to have if you are trying to gain weight. Cheese comes in many delicious varieties, so pairing a cheese to your meal is a fun experience in moderation.


Nuts are a great snack for gaining weight. According to foodies, they are full of fat and nutrients, but also contain a great deal of fiber. Eating only a handful of nuts can keep you full for hours. Not all nuts are equal for fiber though. Add nuts to your salads, on top of dishes, and in your breakfast cereals and oatmeal.


If you are trying to gain weight, enjoy some meat. Steak contains a ton of protein and iron. But food experts warn that not all steak cuts are made equal. You want the fatty cuts where the meat is marbled. These cuts of meat will contain more calories, but they will also be way more delicious too.

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