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One of the things that most people suffer from the festive season or during the Holidays is from immense amount of stress. Although the holidays are meant to be a joyful time, too often the holiday season evolves into a time crunch with a long list of tasks and unreasonable expectations.

Given is the list of the top things to do in order to counter holiday stress.

Draft plan
Make a list of everything that needs to be accomplished like gifts to purchase, social parties, school and work events, coordinating of visitors, cards to send, etc. Get a calendar and mark off social events and designate times in advance to attend to what you decide you need to accomplish. Make time to spend quality time with loved ones.

No over-spending
The holidays have a tendency to become shopping frenzies, leading to both financial pressure and the stress associated with crowded stores, busy streets, the quest to find the perfect gift or decorations and more. The act of overspending can be very destructive and lead to debt which will hugely hamper your financial record.

Personal time
When things are hectic, sometimes you need a break to just be alone and relax. No matter how much you love your family and friends, everyone needs a time out now and then. Whenever you get stressed out, anxious or feel overwhelmed during the day, take quick relaxation breaks of one to five minutes to calm yourself down.

Joyful focus
To overcome stress, you should always remember the goal of the season that is to feel and exchange joy, love, and peace. The notions of joy, love, and peace are not abstract concepts but something you can create. You can also show love by accepting others and giving with a positive attitude.

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