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5 Vital Health Benefits of Laughter

Health Benefits of LaughterLaughter is probably the greatest stress-buster humans have ever known. It is one thing that is highly contagious. Seeing other people smile makes you to join them instantly knowingly or unknowingly. How boring our memories could be had they been knitted without a thread of smile? It is one such thing which you can enjoy alone or in a group. You are not dependent on anyone but you to smile a lot.

And the good news is laughing a lot has several health benefits too. What are they? Read on.

5 vital health benefits of laughter

1. Releases stress

As said above, it releases your stress instantly. Laughing more requires you to breathe more thus, making your heart to pump faster. All this gives you a relaxed feeling once you end with the session.

2. Burns those extra calories

Laughter is a great way to burn your calories. The more you laugh, the more your heart pumps. The more it pumps, the more calories are required by your body to get things back to normal. Ultimately, it serves as a great health benefit in long run.

3. Keeps your blood pressure in control

Studies have found that the activity can be extremely useful in maintaining proper rate of blood circulation in your body thereby keeping your blood pressure under control. At least 20 minutes of laughter daily can be very helpful for healthy adults from being prone to blood pressure disorders.

4. Good for a sound sleep

Doing the activity on a daily basis consumes much of your calories. This in turn exhausts your body to a certain extent. Hence, when you go to bed you are more likely to have a sound sleep.

5. Improves immune system

This is one of the biggest health benefits of laughter. Research says that doing the activity regularly will eventually lead you to a healthy and active life. As it is a great stress buster, you can very comfortably neutralize the negative impact of neuropeptides and stress hormones. This helps you a lot in strengthening your immune functioning thereby shielding you from several disorders.


Enjoying all these health benefits of laughter will add much more excitement to your life. In the end, what matters is the moments that made you laugh. They are your memories to cherish for future.


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