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5 Effective Ways to Keep Your Skin Clean and Healthy

Keep Your Skin Clean and HealthyClean and healthy skin is the most vital factor to give you a young and fresh look each rising day. It boosts your confidence every time you look at a mirror and earns you a lot of compliments in your circle.

The good news here is you do not need to buy expensive cosmetics or consult a skin specialist often to maintain the charm of your skin. You can very well do it yourself just by following a few simple yet effective ways.

5 effective ways to keep your skin clean and healthy

1. Take short showers

It is a myth that taking long steamy showers keeps your skin clean and healthy. On the contrary, it takes away your skin moisture and protective oils thus, leaving your skin dry and scaly. Take short showers limited to around 10-12 minutes and prefer using warm or cold water.

2. Use good quality unscented powders

Applying good quality unscented powder, especially the one meant for babies, is a very basic but important way of preventing fungi or bacteria growth in the area where your skin meets skin. Such areas can be your under-arms, breast, and inner thighs. It keeps the area moist-free and keeps you away from the conditions like intertrigo.

3. Use proper moisturizers

Your body needs different levels of moisture in different seasons. For example, the skin demands more moisture in winter than in summer. So buy heavy moisturizers for winters while light ones for summer. This will help you to maintain a proper level of moistness in your skin.

4. Do not rub your eyes

Do not get rid of itching in your eyes or the areas nearby by rubbing the area too hard. The skin there is very soft and may display rashes instantly if you rub hard. Instead, rub it very gently by using a washcloth or a cotton pad moisturized with witch hazel or cleanser.   

5. Check skin dryness

You can do it very easily by just scratching your skin lightly with your finger-nail. If it leaves a white mark behind, you must go for some moisturizer and exfoliator. The white mark indicates that your skin needs moisture and at the same time, the upper layer of dry cells needs to be removed. Moisturizer and exfoliator do just that.


The most important thing you must avoid for a healthier skin is smoking and drinking habits. They contain carcinogenic agents which can kill healthy cells and tissues of your skin and shorten its life gradually.


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