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4 Common Myths About Dieting You Must be Aware of

Myths About DietingDieting has become a very common slogan these days, especially among the people who are extremely conscious about their health. There are several ways in which the task can be carried out. Majority of the fitness trainers and physicians worldwide recommend different diet plans for different people depending upon several aspects like the physical and mental status of the person desiring to undergo diet, his medical history, lifestyle, diet pattern and much more. Hence, there is no uniform pattern of performing the task.

But with the increasing popularity about the benefits of dieting, a few myths have started surfacing very commonly among majority of the people. What are these myths and why should you know them? Read on to get a better idea…

4 common myths about dieting you must be aware of

1. Foods high in calories result into instant weight gain

There is nothing like an instant addition of kilos. Everything takes time to process and so do the increase in your body weight. Eating your favorite once in a while won’t affect your body shape much. Hence, it is a common myth that one should totally stop eating high calorie food to curb those extra pounds.

2. A glass of water before a meal helps you to eat less

Another popular misconception majority of the people readily agree upon. It is a fact that drinking a glass of water will fill in your stomach but it cannot be a replacement for your regular diet. Water gets processed very quickly and thus, you may feel hungry again if you prefer water over food. This will only add-up to your temptation to eat more and encourage untimely food craving.

3. All calories are bad

You may start hating calories once you get serious about losing weight. But did you know that all calories are not the same? Certain types of calories, in fact, benefit your body rather than causing it harm. For example, the calories you may get from fruits and vegetables are healthy for your body. While the ones you get from a fast-food like pizza or burger may cause harm. Hence, first understand where the calories are coming from.

4. Eating less is best

As soon as we hear the word dieting, the first thought that may pop-up in our minds is to eat less. But this is not at all a logical way of thinking. Your body needs a specific amount of proteins, vitamins, and other vital nutrients to function normally. And you get all this through the food you eat. Thus, by eating less, you may be disturbing the level of these vital nutrients in your body. So, eating less is not best always.


So, if you are planning to go for dieting, do remember not to believe in the above myths.


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