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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Ideal things to know about leafy greens

“Greens are the No. 1 food you can eat regularly to help improve your health,” says Jill Nussinow, MS, RD, a culinary educator in Northern California and the author of The Veggie Queen. That’s because leafy vegetables are brimming with fiber along with vitamins, minerals, and plant-based substances that may help protect you from heart disease, diabetes, and perhaps even… Continue reading

Important ways to check dementia

How middle-aged people rate their own physical fitness could provide clues about their risk for future dementia, Finnish researchers report.

Among people aged about 50, those who self-rate their level of fitness as poor are four times more likely to develop dementia within 30 years than those who say they have a good level of fitness, the study suggests.

“Previous… Continue reading

Tips that you must practice to keep yourself fit

IF you’re putting in the time and effort to train, make sure you’re getting the most out of your session.

There are a few common bad habits I’ve seen people develop that seriously hinder their fitness progress.

The good news is that they’re easy to correct but, until you do, your goals will be just outside your grasp.

1. Fuel… Continue reading

More ways to get fit before wedding

Wedding is the most important day in the life of both the bride and groom and as in obvious case, all the eyes in the marriage will be set on them. It is the duty of both to carry themselves in a way that they look their perfect self. According to modern science, wearing prominent clothes and doing the best… Continue reading

Easy fitness ideas for obese people

“Overweight people who are avoiding moving around aren’t lazy – they’re sensible.” So says Krista Scott-Dixon, a researcher and nutrition coach who lost 23kg (around 3st 8lb) over three years. “Being heavy changes your physical experience of the world,” says Scott-Dixon Unless you have experienced the physical discomfort of significant surplus weight, she says, then it can be difficult to… Continue reading

Vital health hazards on using smartphones

Smartphones have become a very common gadget these days. Hundreds of new models roll out every year and each one has some or the other new feature to offer. It is widely observed that using mobile has not become just a necessity but an addiction these days. Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS are the leading operating systems that have penetrated… Continue reading

Useful workout ideas for beginners to follow

Whether you have been working out for two weeks or two decades, you are probably making mistakes that prevent you from getting optimal results. Here are some exercise dos and don’ts from top fitness pros.

If You are Just Starting Out

This are the dos.

Work out every day. That’s right, seven straight. “It’s important for beginners to form an… Continue reading

Ideal reasons for men to do yoga

When people think yoga, they often associate it with women. For some men, the thought of going to a yoga class is about as inviting as seeing the latest chick flick (if you like both of these things — more power to you!). But in the 12 years I’ve been teaching yoga, I’ve noticed an encouraging trend — more men… Continue reading

Vital tips for people with diabetes

Diabetes has become a very common disorder worldwide these days. One may suffer from the disorder mainly due to the inefficient functioning of a hormone called insulin. Type 2 is the most common form of the disease. Keeping fit is very important for the persons suffering from the disorder. Else, they may be a victim of obesity, respiratory problems, and… Continue reading

Tips for things to drink at time of pregnancy

Mama, you need a drink — of water that is. That age-old advice about drinking eight glasses of water a day is never more important than when you’re expecting. For starters, your baby’s body is mostly made up of fluids (just like yours), and will need more and more as your bundle grows. And, since baby-building is hard work, you’ll… Continue reading