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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Best ways to become fitness coach

If you consider yourself a fitness freak and you want ot imbibe this crazy habit to every, then you should think about becoming a personal fitness trainer. In addition to being personally rewarding, a career in fitness gives you flexibility and independence in a growing industry. Getting started can be a bit overwhelming though but you will have more interest… Continue reading

Top advantages of stretching

Stretching releases dopamine which helps you feel happier and more positive about the world. Doing stretching programs will give a boost in the self-esteem of the people. Adding stretching exercises in your daily routine will help you better your daily lifestyle and also make you less prone to diseases in addition to making you more fit.

Given are the best… Continue reading

Best tips to warm up for running

Once we get revved up to run it is tempting to shoot out the door at top speed. But heading out of the gates at full speed, without a proper warmup is a recipe for disaster, and injury. If you start running with out any preparation, then there are high chances of grave forms of injury to the body.

These… Continue reading

Top fitness workout wear brands to try

Just because you get all sweaty during your road runs or doing squat after squat at the gym does not mean you have to look totally disheveled after you get your fitness on. It is true that everyone wants to look good all the time and you get ready to burn calories and also be perfect beyond the gym.

Given… Continue reading

Best running headphones to try

As a runner, a pumped-up playlist to energize your workout. So when it comes to legging it, you naturally want top-notch gear to play your music clearly and unobtrusively. That means a pair of earphones that fit as snugly as your sneakers, deliver rich sound, and perform well, is what every fitness freak would want while running the rounds.

These… Continue reading

Top group fitness exercises to practice

People find excuses when doing exercises along and lacks motivation but do always attend group workouts. Group workouts are all the rage these days. From the external social motivation to push yourself harder, to the fun of training with group camaraderie.

Given are thew top group fitness exercises to practice.

Body Weight Squats

Do stand with your feet shoulder width… Continue reading

Best ways to choose the perfect shapewear

The most important thing about choosing the shapewear is that it will help your body to breathe and makes a three-dimensional body feel more enthralling. There are many different fabrics and styles that are available for the perfecct shapewear for the body.

The ways to choose the best shapewear for your body is discussed with the readers.

Size fits

Go… Continue reading