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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Best fitness tips for disabled people

There are many disabled persons and it is necessary for them to maintain a very healthy and fit lifestyle. Their physical shortcomings cannot pose a hindrance to enhance their physical strength and fitness. It is important to remember that any type of exercise will offer health benefits. Mobility issues inevitably make some types of exercise easier than others, but no… Continue reading

Top fitness trackers to look for

There are now so many top fitness trackers on the market that choosing the best one can be difficult.

Jawbone UP2

While the Jawbone UP2 falls short of the Charge HR’s advanced fitness skills, it’s a comfortable, good looking and accurate activity tracker that totally nails the basics. The strong activity tagging, sleep monitoring and smart alarm make a near… Continue reading

Best innovative ways to stay fit

If you are anything like me then going to the gym is basically like walking around a maze, blind-folded. Nothing about that seems fun or exciting, mostly just painful and awkward! And with not many other outdoor options to get physical in winter. So for all of you gym haters out there who may want to start working out but… Continue reading

Top ways to get in shape

All you need to get started is a calendar and a well thought-out plan incorporating exercise, hydration, stretching, recovery and nutrition.


Schedule four or five workouts per week on your 50-day calendar, and remember that consistency is key to your success — don’t skip a session! Gym-lovers can alternate cardio work such as running, biking or swimming with strength… Continue reading

Top free smartphone apps for fitness

Fitness isn’t something we can think about once, run through a checklist of things to improve it, and forget about. Just as in other areas of health, fitness must be maintained through small and consistent actions that add up over time. That’s why mobile apps make ideal fitness companions. Because our smartphones and apps are always with us, they become… Continue reading

Best running gadgets for fitness

Free running is all very well, but we’ve all got different goals and circumstances. Some run to lose weight, others to boost their aerobic fitness, while speed is the top priority of the more experienced.

Either way, there are gadgets that can help you get through the run – from tiny MP3 players, wireless headphones and the latest in running-centric… Continue reading