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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Best fitness bands to look for

Best fitness bands to look forIf you are currently a little, shall we say, sedentary, and are looking to get fit in 2015, a fitness tracker (aka a fitness band, aka “those things you wear that count your steps) is the best place to start. They can make a real difference to how you look and feel, without the need for a gym or massive… Continue reading

Top fitness guidelines for old people

Top fitness guidelines for old peopleFew older adults in the United States achieve the minimum recommended amount of physical activity. Lack of physical activity contributes to many chronic diseases that occur in older adults, including heart disease, stroke, diabetes mellitus, lung disease, Alzheimer disease, hypertension, and cancer. Lack of physical activity, combined with poor dietary habits, has also contributed to increased obesity in older persons.… Continue reading

Best running shoes to look for

Best running shoes to look forFinding the best-running shoe among the many choices is not always easy and there is no single best shoe as everyone has different needs.You have probably noticed that running shoes offer a wide variety of choices when it comes to cushioning. Do not let all these options overwhelm you because there really is no ideal amount of cushioning for every… Continue reading

Top circuit training workouts

Top circuit training workoutsThe circuit training exercises are useful for designing a classic circuit training routine i.e. the one that develops short-term muscular endurance. This type of strength endurance is important in many prolonged sports with intermittent bouts of activity, such as soccer and field hockey. The circuit training exercises can also be used by non-athletes to develop general fitness. In this respect,… Continue reading

Ways to stay fit in middle age

Ways to stay fit in middle ageNo matter whether you think of yourself as middle-aged or not, your body changes as you get older. Your nutritional and physical exercise needs change as you age, therefore you must adapt your diet and your exercise routine. Adults need about 30 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise everyday. Regular exercise not only keeps your body fit, but also helps reduce… Continue reading

Top full body exercises

12slide4_600x450When it comes to full body exercises, some are more effective than others, full body exercises are popular as they get you the most results in the shortest period of time. Do remember that there is one distinct similarity between both fat-burning and muscle-building goals. They each require the use of full body, multiple-joint exercises that activate many muscles at… Continue reading

Ways to get fit outdoors

Ways to get fit outdoorsYou have been indoors most of the winter, with just a treadmill for company. And then you hear it whih is the siren call of warmer weather, calling you outside.You’d be wise to heed that call. Pleasant temperatures and the visual interest of your surroundings can not only motivate you to exercise, but help you enjoy it more, experts say.Fitness… Continue reading