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Monthly Archives: January 2014

5 Must-do Things to Stay Healthy and Fit During Pregnancy

Stay Healthy and Fit During PregnancyPregnancy is a very delicate stage wherein your mental and physical state undergoes a lot of temporary and permanent changes. Some changes can be easily tolerated while some ones are a bit difficult to digest. Hence, maintaining a sound mental and physical health at all times is vital to ensure that everything is under control. Even a slight ignorance can… Continue reading

7 Tips for Avoiding Negativity from Your Friends about Your Diet …

7 Tips for Avoiding Negativity from Your Friends about Your Diet ...Dieting isn’t an easy thing to do, nor is avoiding negativity from your friends about your diet. If you have to eat a certain way for nutritional reasons, and if you face food restrictions, it can be especially hard for people to understand this. One thing I always suggest people do when eating a certain way, or during a diet,… Continue reading

Fitness Tips in Winter Season

winterAs the weather gets colder and wetter, it can be so much harder to motivate yourself to get out the front door – especially when it comes to your workout. So what can you do to make exercise easier on a cold winter’s day? Here are some of my top tips:

1. Plan ahead

The night before a workout, I… Continue reading

5 Easy Ways to Feel Great in the New Year

5 Easy Ways to Feel Great in the New YearIf you want to kick off 2014 with energy to spare, it’s time to set some simple but powerful health goals.

1. Get your thyroid checked.

The thyroid is like the body’s engine, providing oxygen and energy to every cell, tissue, gland, and organ. When the thyroid isn’t working properly, you can experience fatigue, depression, weight gain, fuzzy thinking, hair… Continue reading

Diet Tips For 2014: Best Ways To Stay On Track

Diet Tips For 2014 Best Ways To Stay On TrackRegardless of whether you want to shed a few points or maintain your current weight, it’s important to make sure your approach to better health is sensible. There are all kinds of fad diets out there and some of the “advice” offered can even be harmful. If you’re looking to get over the holiday hump and rid yourself of the… Continue reading