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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Everything You Wanted to Know About New Fitness Trends

Everything You Wanted to Know About New Fitness Trends1. The New “It” Weight: ViPR

What it is: The ViPR (“Vitality, Performance and Re-Conditioning”) is a large rubber tube that weighs between 8.8 and 44 pounds. While it may not look like much when it’s lying on the floor, fitness trainers use it to get their clients into amazing shape with any one of the 9,000 potential moves in… Continue reading

Lose Weight Without Dieting

Lose Weight Without DietingMany people struggling with their weight are what Stephen P. Gullo, PhD, a prominent weight loss expert in New York City, calls food therapists—people who use food to deal with stress and the problems of life.

“They have developed a one-word response to any and all problems: Eat!” says Dr. Gullo, author of Thin Tastes Better.

It’s not surprising that… Continue reading

10 Diet and Exercise Myths that Make It Harder to Lose Weight

Diet and Exercise Myths that Make It Harder to Lose WeightEvery year, millions of Americans resolve to lose weight, whether on New Year’s Day, their birthdays, or just some morning when their mirror or the bathroom scale seems particularly unkind. And every year, many get frustrated and give up before they reach their goals. Contributing to this problem is a host of bad information about diet and exercise that circulates… Continue reading

5 Amazing Health Benefits of Cashew Nuts

Health Benefits of Cashew NutsCashew nuts are one of the most popular dry fruits worldwide and are widely used in a variety of foods and sweets. They are even used by top chocolate brands in their products and for many good reasons. The dry fruits do not just taste good but are also highly beneficial for health. The nuts come in a lot of… Continue reading

5 Essential Cardio Tips for Beginners

Cardio Tips for BeginnersCardio has become a very common exercise especially among those who are very much conscious about their weight. The first thing many of us check while joining a gym is whether they have a cardio. It has become a very common thinking that the exercise pattern is highly beneficial in losing weight fast. Hence, most of the beginners get easily… Continue reading

Guide to Adding a Pound of Muscle Every Week

work1. Maximize muscle building. The more protein your body stores—in a process called protein synthesis—the larger your muscles grow. But your body is constantly draining its protein reserves for other uses—making hormones, for instance. The result is less protein available for muscle building. To counteract that, you need to “build and store new proteins faster than your body breaks down… Continue reading

EPOC: The Secret to Faster Fat Loss?

The Secret to Faster Fat LossBurn calories and torch fat all day long, even when you aren’t working out! If you think this sounds like a cheesy tagline for a scary diet pill, then you’ve probably never heard of excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (try saying that three times fast!). Also known as EPOC, it’s the scientific term for the afterburn effect, which can help you… Continue reading

5 Vital Fitness Benefits of Playing Squash

Fitness Benefits of Playing SquashSquash has always been rated as one of the healthiest games of all times and for many good reasons. It not just improves your physical fitness levels but also enhances your mental health. Forbes has long back rated the game as one of the top ten games that come with considerable health benefits. And now, the game is quite popular… Continue reading

Top 5 Secrets to Look Slimmer in Photos

Secrets to Look Slimmer in PhotosNot very happy with your previous snaps you clicked while on picnic or with your friends? Do you look fatter and older than others? Then, you are in the right place. A few changes in the way you present yourself before the camera can work wonders for you. How you stand, how you look, what your dress, and how you… Continue reading

Fitness Tips That Will Definitely Work

Fitness Tips That Will Definitely WorkIn order to live lengthier and also be healthier, you have to care for your wellbeing. Health and fitness is extremely important a part of anyone’s daily life as it wards off ailments and can provide a far healthier mind and body. Check this out report for tips about how to be a little more about health and wholesome with… Continue reading