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Monthly Archives: November 2013

5 Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Peanuts

Health Benefits of Eating PeanutsPeanuts are one of the most popular and widely available oil seeds. They have been an important part of human diet since ancient times and are available throughout the year. They come with a variety of health benefits and are known to be one of the best and affordable nuts. The nuts can be added to numerous snacks and vegetables… Continue reading

Quick Tips for Staying Active in Cold Weather

winter-exercise-1There are plenty of ways to be active in fall and winter, even if the weather turns cold. You can stay in shape and have fun while you’re at it. Here are some ideas:

Go for walks at the mall with a friend. Local schools and churches may have indoor gyms where you can walk. You may want to… Continue reading

Top 7 Foods that Boost Your Brain Functioning

Foods that Boost Your Brain FunctioningWonder why some people have a better memory than others? How they can think so fast and accurate in the first attempt itself? Many argue that it’s all about genes. But the fact is many other factors do play an important role in making your brains work fast. And the good news is you do not need to do anything… Continue reading

4 Ways to Stay Slim for the Holidays

4 Ways to Stay Slim for the HolidaysYou’ll see and hear statistics suggesting people gain as many as 10 pounds during the holidays. Likely you won’t put on double-digit weight, but a recent study in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that devourers of turkey and Christmas cookies gain an average of 2.2 pounds from mid-November to New Year’s Day. Obese people were even more likely… Continue reading

5 Vital Health Benefits of Whole Wheat You Should Know

Health Benefits of Whole WheatEating more and more products made out of wheat has become a very common trend these days. Be it packed food or kitchen-made, whole wheat is fast becoming a vital ingredient and for many good reasons. It is known to be extremely beneficial for body in several ways. Also, wheat is easy to digest and is packed with a variety… Continue reading

Top 5 Fruits You Should Eat for a Healthy and Active Life

Fruits You Should Eat for a Healthy and Active LifeFresh fruits form a vital element of your diet and help you to fight several diseases and disorders with much ease. Majority of the doctors worldwide recommend inclusion of at least one fruit in your daily diet to satisfy your body requirements of various nutrients and vitamins. So which fruits you should eat for a healthy and active life and… Continue reading

Top 5 Eating Habits to Stay Healthy and Fit

Eating Habits to Stay Healthy and FitDiet is the key to keeping you healthy throughout the day. Proper intake of proteins and other nutrients is a basic requisite to enable your normal body cells to grow and function properly and allow your body tissues to perform their work without any hurdles. Good food intake also helps you to keep mentally relaxed and think better.

Studies say… Continue reading

The Best Weight Loss Tips for Women. The Best Diet For Women

The Best Diet For WomenThe best diet for women is the foods and drinks that help them lose weight in a healthy way. Many health experts have explained that the major cause of overweight or obesity among women is the food they eat. Overweight women are encouraged to embark on a realistic weight loss program that would not be difficult to implement. There are… Continue reading

4 Great Health Benefits of Brown Rice

Health Benefits of Brown RiceHealthy diet is a key to live a healthy and active life. Physical and mental development depends not just on the quantity of the food you eat but also the quality of food you consume. There are certain nutrients like proteins, vitamins, essential fats and others that play a vital role in systematic growth of your body.

A vast majority… Continue reading

Top 4 Skin Care Myths You Should Not Miss

Skin Care MythsSkin care has become one of the vital necessities of our daily lives. Hectic lifestyle and unending job responsibilities affect your complexion in a variety of ways. This generates a temptation to try out different homemade remedies to ensure that the complexion remains flawless and shiny. But at times, we tend to neglect small facts in a hurry to attain… Continue reading