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Monthly Archives: October 2013

5 Tips for a Stress-Free Marathon

Stress Free MarathonThe day you run a marathon, the hardest work is already done. Months of long runs, tempo workouts, and more mileage than you care to remember are behind you. The only thing in front of you is the marathon itself. Get excited!

But just because you trained well doesn’t mean you can skip the pre-race planning. A regular routine will… Continue reading

These 4 Bad Habits Can Ruin Your Beauty for Sure

Bad Habits that Can Ruin Your BeautyAt times, we tend to wonder what actually might be ruining our natural beauty even after applying costly cosmetics daily and consuming nutrient-rich diet. It does take time for your habits to affect your looks but takes even more time to get that natural beauty back. Hence, prevention is anytime better than cure in this regards.

You do not have… Continue reading

How to Make the Best Back Stretch Even Better

How to Make the Best Back Stretch Even BetterIf you always shy away when your yoga teacher calls out Plow Pose, it’s time to start welcoming this asana into your life. This big neck-, back-, and shoulder-opening posture can do amazing things for a tight body — especially folks who sit behind a desk all day!

With that said, Plow Pose can feel a little awkward if you’re… Continue reading

5 Essential Diet Tips for Pregnant Women

Diet Tips for Pregnant WomenPregnant women have to be very careful about their diet habits. Anything that is consumed is likely to affect not just your health but also your unborn baby’s health. Thus, it is very important that you follow a very strict schedule as far as your daily meals are concerned. Also, it is vital to keep communicating with your doctor on… Continue reading

Top 5 Fitness Benefits of Jumping Rope

Fitness Benefits of Jumping RopeIf you do not have enough time to go for a jog, don’t worry. There is one more convenient option to get rid of those additional unwanted calories. How about skipping for a few minutes daily? Jumping rope is long known as one of the best options to burn calories fast. Hence, it is widely used by athletes worldwide irrespective… Continue reading

5 Great Ways to Enjoy Your Fitness Schedule

Enjoy Your Fitness ScheduleWorkouts can hardly benefit your body if you take them as a compulsion. Doing them with a good mood will not just tone your body in the right way but also maintains your willpower to continue with the workout routine religiously. How to make it an enjoyable activity so that you do not feel stressed but stress-free always? Read on…… Continue reading

5 Foods You Must Avoid While Cutting Down Belly Fats

Foods You Must Avoid While Cutting Down Belly FatsCutting down belly fats not just requires determination to work out more but also sufficient awareness about your diet habits. You may be knowingly or unknowingly consuming a few foods that may not appear to be as fat-rich as they actually are. Also, you may feel empty-stomach even after consuming these foods and thus, generate a temptation to have more… Continue reading

20 Top Exercises to Lose Weight …

Lose WeightEffective Exercises to Lose Weight are an essential part of a healthy weight loss program. And just as eating healthy is essential, it’s important to exercise as well, which is why you need to look for the Top Exercises to Lose Weight. The best exercises will contain a cardio aspect and a toning aspect, as this will allow you to… Continue reading

Top 6 Exercise Excuses and How to Beat Them

fitnessYou know you should be exercising. You also know that physically active people are healthier. They’re less likely to develop heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers. They sleep better, feel happier, and have more energy. Of course, a fit body looks great, too. So what’s keeping you from working out? Whether it’s too little time, not enough energy, or just… Continue reading

5 Vital Health Benefits of Cauliflower

Health Benefits of CauliflowerVegetables have always proved to be a boon for mankind. They benefit your body in multiple ways. Apart from taking care of your nutritional demands, they also make sure that all your body organs function with optimum efficiency. Moreover, they also help in weight loss and preventing premature aging.

Cauliflower is one such vegetable with carries a lot of benefits… Continue reading